Our Program

Santa Fe Talent Education is an established Suzuki string program, with students at all levels.

advgroup_000Are you interested in providing your children:

  • An enriching environment that unleashes learning potential?
  • A meaningful, productive relationship with you and other adults and children?
  • A positive, cooperative method that teaches skills they will use their whole lives in whatever path they choose?
  • A love of music and creative curiosity?
  • A way to express themselves nonverbally?

The Suzuki approach, or “Talent Education,” is a wonderful way to achieve these goals!

Each student participates in:

  • Weekly private lessons.
  • Weekly group lessons.
  • Semester Recitals.
  • Play-ins and group performances.
  • Informal home recitals and book graduation recitals.

Children as young as 3 may be ready for our program. Parental involvement is central to the Suzuki philosophy. Parents do not need to have ANY previous musical training: all you need is love for your child! Parents attend a two-session preparatory course before children start Suzuki violin lessons, and then attend all lessons and lead the home practice. Santa Fe Talent Education is a year-round program: we have a fall semester (usually 16 weeks), a spring semester (usually 17 weeks), and a summer session of 6 to 7 weeks.  For more information about starting your child, visit our How to start page.