How to start

For information about starting your child on violin, call or e-mail or

505-231-9241= Margaret

505-231-9242= Rick

Please include your phone number in your e-mail.  

We are deliberate with your child’s beginning on the instrument.  We are not in a hurry.  We work with the parents before we start the child.  We want to take the time to give you, the parent, the tools and understanding that you need to help your child get a solid, happy start.  There is no rush to start, just as there are no deadlines for completion of each step along the way toward mastery of the instrument.   We always have the beginners start together, at the same time, so that the children and families know each other and support each other. 

Every child in our program gets a weekly group lesson as well as a weekly private lesson.

Private lessons take place in our home studios.  Weekly group lessons take place at Kol BeRamah, near Luisa & Alta Vista Streets. Monthly solo recitals take place at Unity of Santa Fe, off of Hwy. 599, northwest of town.

For lessons in the Santa Fe area on other instruments: Claire Onuf, cello, at 466-3788, or Lydia Madrick, piano, at 690-4998.

Santa Fe Talent Education will be starting beginners on violin in the fall of 2017.  Parents with children as young as age 4 are encouraged to contact us. Introductory Parent Sessions take place on Sunday, October 1 and 8, 12 to 3 pm. Location to be announced. These are required. Introductory Parent Sessions are for parents only. New parents need to attend both sessions. The parent who attends the sessions should be the parent who will be working with the child, although both parents are welcome to attend. Lessons for the students follow afterward.