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Rick Lohmann (231-9242)
Margaret Carpenter (231-9241)
Naomi Israel (520-820-2800)

The Suzuki method is a positive, family-based philosophy. Our program includes group lessons as well as private lessons, regular solo recitals, group performances, and outreach events. Suzuki students are not musical geniuses, nor are they ‘gifted’ children who have a special talent for music. They are normal children whose parents may have little or no musical experience, but who have simply chosen to introduce their kids to music through the Suzuki approach, a unique philosophy of music education developed by Shinichi Suzuki.



Our mailing address is:

Santa Fe Talent Education

2408 Calle Zaguan

Santa Fe, NM 87505

For an excellent Suzuki cello experience in Santa Fe, contact Heather Moncrief Rivera-Torres 505.395.7675 and/or Claire Onuf . 361.215.2461.

All teachers listed on this page have registered training with the Suzuki Association of the Americas.



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  1. Betsy Lombardi

    Dear Naomi, Margaret, and Rick,
    I hope that you and your students are thriving throughout these times of different instructional methods. My grown children had the fortune of music education with Pam Parfitt. I am selling the violins that they outgrew years ago: 1/4 size (Etude Model Nagoya Suzuki Crafted exculsively for Knilling String Instruments), 1/2 size (John Juzek violinmaker formerly in Prague, Made in Germany), 3/4 size (Gunter von Aue copy of Antonio Stradivarius)
    If you have students who may wish to try these violins, feel free to give them my contact information. I am happy to deliver them to you so that you may test their qualities.
    505-473-9110 home or 505-501-2580
    Thank you,

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