Parent Workshop Sunday, March 11!

March 5th, 2018  |  Published in News

Suzuki Parents Workshop:

Making Practice Easier

Sunday Kol BeRamah March 11 12-2 pm

Refreshments served- and we will have childcare available!

Bring your copy of Ed Sprunger’s ‘Helping Parents Practice!’

We’re going to talk about Chapters 9 – 16.

9: Look for Horses, not Zebras

“Violin is too hard. It’s definitely a problem with my son’s treble audio perception range. He’s

sensitive. The E string makes him flinch. We had better have him switch to trombone.”
10: Keep the Focus on Making Things Easier

“But violin is supposed to be hard. I’ve always been told it was hard”

11: Attending Lessons Really Matters

“Oh, pffft, my 12-year old knows what she’s doing, gimme a break.”

12: Take Useful, Accurate, Reliable Notes

“I don’t need to record the teacher playing this 2-measure practice point on my phone. I’ll remember every detail.”
13: Participate in a Group Class

“How am I doing with this?”

14: Listen to Recordings

“I rely on my son to play the Suzuki MP4’s on her iPOD, with his earphones before he goes to bed. He does it every day, so I mark it in the practice record.”
15: You Can’t Learn as You Go, If You Don’t Take the Trip

16: Review Repertoire to Help the Playing Get Easier

“My daughter hates reviewing! She wants to get better! She is bored to death with review and plays sloppily!”

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