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Santa Fe Talent Education is an established Suzuki string program, with students at all levels.

Fall 2019 group lesson rosters and times are now posted  on the calendar page!

Are you interested in providing your children:

-An enriching environment that unleashes learning potential?

-A meaningful, productive relationship with you and other adults and children?

-A positive, cooperative method that teaches skills they will use their whole lives in whatever path they choose?

-A love of music and creative curiosity? A way to express themselves nonverbally?

The Suzuki approach, or “Talent Education,” is a wonderful way to achieve these goals!

Each student participates in:

-Weekly private lessons

-Weekly group lessons.

-Solo recitals.

-Play-ins and group performances.

-Informal home recitals and book graduation recitals.

Children as young as 3 may be ready for our program. Parental involvement is central to the Suzuki philosophy. Parents do not need to have ANY previous musical training: all you need is love for your child! Parents attend a two-session preparatory course before children start Suzuki violin lessons, and then attend all lessons and lead the home practice. Santa Fe Talent Education is a year-round program: we have a fall semester (usually 16 weeks), a spring semester (usually 17 weeks), and a summer session of 6 to 7 weeks.  For more information about starting your child, visit our How to start page. You can find all of the information you need about our program on the other pages of our website, links in the header above. The Contact Us page also includes contacts for trained Suzuki cello teachers with whom we co-operate.